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The world around us is changing rapidly and cashless payment options are becoming increasingly popular across many sectors.

We currently support the following sectors with our cashless payment technology, telemetry and back office support.


Cashless Vending is becoming increasingly popular with the decline of cash.

This means that existing cash only vending machines need upgrading to accept card payments and newly built vending machines must include card acceptance methods.


EV Charging

The electric vehicle industry has grown at an accelerated rate over the last few years.

With more charging points being installed each day, there is a need to supply payment acceptance methods and processing that is quick and easy for users.

EV Charging

Toll Roads

With many Toll roads and bridges moving away from physically manned stations and digitising, there is a need supply card acceptance methods.

Our unattended payment solution is the perfect solution. The physical card reader can be integrated into the payment stand or window for fast continuous payments from busy Toll users.



Paying for parking has changed over the last few years with many parking stations upgrading meters so that they offer a mix of cash payment, card payment, payments by App or phone.

Paying by card for your parking is now considered the norm and organisations who manage car parks continue to upgrade the existing meters across the country.

It's not just the large parking retailers who have a responsibility to update their meters, this also applies to independents.


Car Washes

It is great to see so many car washes adopting card acceptance methods in their car wash stations.

With cash continuing to decline and card acceptance on the rise, offering card payment is fast becoming an expected payment choice.

A great benefit of accepting card payments here is that more people are likely to get their car washed as they are not limited to the cash they may or may not carry in their pockets.

A wider payment choice increases footfall and typically increases the average transaction value.

Car Washes

Our service model:

  • Remotely check all of your devices from a single platform
  • Monitor your estate with real-time data and alerts so check which devices are online/connected/disconnected
  • Remote restart and diagnostics to avoid unnecessary service calls
  • Reporting centralised within one single platform
  • 1st line support

In addition to our superior support, we can also supply a Merchant Account across the EU along with Payter hardware supply with rental or purchase payment options.

service model
QixPay offers a wide range of payment solutions to support you and your business.

For more information about QixPay and the services we provide, please contact our friendly sales team on 0333 123 1249 or email info@qixpay.com